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Grades K-1

The Hooper League is a house league for kindergarteners and first graders. The Hooper League is structured to introduce new players to lacrosse. Instruction in Hooper practices and house games focuses on:

  • Core lacrosse skills like catching, throwing and clearing

  • Basic rules of lacrosse

  • Sportsmanship and fair play

Basics: Games are played on a shortened field with smaller sized goals. There are 6 players on the field (two each attack, midfield and defense). Players play all positions. There are no goalies in practices or games. Teams are 10-15 players. 

Gear: Players wear full protective lacrosse gear (helmets, gloves, chest protectors and elbow pads). Body checks are not permitted. All players play with short lacrosse poles (no long poles for defense). 

Practice: The Hooper League teams practice on Friday evenings. 


Games: House games against other Hooper teams are played on Sunday afternoons.

Coaches: Teams are coached by parents and other volunteers. High school lacrosse players also assist parent coaches. 

Playing Time: Hooper focuses on equal playing time for all players. 

Hooper: Welcome
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